Twas the night before Christmas…time for CHEESE!

Got the prezzies wrapped, the place lit up like a frikkin’ five-star nativity scene and sexy foreign lounge music wafting about, but like many cheese addicts out there, turns out I am spending Christmas Eve, the holiest of nights, ALONE.

Yep, you heard me. Alone. Poor little cheese addict all sad and lonely with nothing more to do but mill around on Facebook and…wait!

Oh joy to the world! I forgot Melissa tucked this little nugget of bliss into my Xmas goodie bag:

Cypress Grove Chevre, Truffle Tremor - Christmas Eve 2011 - be still my beating heart...

Cypress Grove Chevre. Truffle Tremor they call it. Studded with little stars of black truffle in a crazy oozing heart of maddening soft deliciousness. Isn’t it beautiful? Can’t you smell it from here? It’s like brie…on drugs. That good. Oh yeah. And no, you can’t have any. Because I already inhaled it, that’s why.

Like I can take a photo and make it back to my computer otherwise? Come on, really. Did I mention it has truffles? Woooooh! Oh yeah…

Merry Christmas!

One response to “Twas the night before Christmas…time for CHEESE!

  1. I was alone, too. If only I’d known, we could have cheesed out togethet! Love you! Merry Xmas!!!

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