occupy cottage cheese, Israel, Tunisia and social media

So somehow…as with many demonstrations, it gets a little foggy just how…but somehow cottage cheese has led to demonstrations in Israel, inspiring remarks at the Notions Capital blog about social media influencing the Tunisian rebellion, and pondering our very own Occupy Wall Street here in the good ol’ USofA.

Got it from Washington, DC. I could not make this up, folks.

But I’m hacking all the tags from Mike Licht cuz they’re just too perfect! Except guess I gotta add “hacking”… I’m still learning so much about the mysterious ways of the internet. Like how it’s connecting me with 11 million people who Google “cheese addict.”

We live in “interesting times,” people…okay, so does that mean I can add “China” and “Chinese wisdom” to my tag cloud? I just love the idea of making a cloud…

But if I make a cloud, does that mean I can still point out a pony, a wedge of waxed Gouda and Johnny Depp in it? Where do I look?


Tags: cottage cheese, dairy products, demonstrations, economic equity, economics, economy, food, Israel, occupy, Occupy Wall Street, OWS, populism, protesters, protests, social movements, tax policy, tax reform, taxes, Mike Licht, hacking, Google, cheese, cheese addict, China, Chinese wisdom, clouds, Gouda, Johnny Depp

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