1000 Day Gouda at Trader Joe’s

So I had a little “episode” earlier. Felt it best to get out of the apartment, get some air, run an errand.

Trader Joe’s. Always makes me happy, just walkin’ in the door, hearing the retro playlist, waving back at the shiny staff. Turns out they’re already draggin’ in the big guns for the holidays. Fancy crackers, relabeled wines, NEW cheeses…

So I brought a little something home. Don’t you wag your finger at me.

They’re calling it “1000 Day Gouda.” Couldn’t even get her unwrapped to take a little promo shot without shoving a stab straight in my mouth.

1000 Day Gouda

1000 Day Gouda

“Oh my dear god that is good…” Still chewing, I looked around. The words were coming from me, like some disembodied automatic specter, unconscious and immediate. And I’m an athiest. (Well, ok, Buddhist, no so much anti-god as god-in-all, if you must.) So this was closer to the pleasantly unexpected orgasm than straight up religious experience, though that runs a tight border.

RUN PEOPLE! BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!! Don’t putz around, either, just buy the big chunks and horde them. This stuff keeps, hell, it’s already been aged 1000 days, figure it’s good for at least 1000 more at this point. Should hold up through whatever crackpot conspiracies come true 2012 and then some.

It’s got this wicked crunch factor, a bit like you’d get folding Trix cereal into stiffly whipped fresh heavy cream: little crystaline crunchy bites that melt into serene buttery madness with that delicate aged Gouda nutty fragrance melding it all together in pure heaven.

Yeah, I’m gonna say it. This is better than the unexpected orgasm. Cuz you can take another bite and do it all again…

16 responses to “1000 Day Gouda at Trader Joe’s

  1. I totally agree. It’s so delicious. I am sad—it is not avaialbe anymore at Trader Joe. Where can I get them–anyone knows?

  2. Timarie Freeman

    I feel the same… please tell me where I can get more of this Cheese!!

  3. Jaap R. Kos, account manager Vandersterre Groep USA

    The cheese will be available again at Trader Joe’s soon, but now as a permanent item!

    • Yesssss!!!!!! On behalf of cheese addicts *ahem* “aficionados” everywhere…THANK YOU!

    • Timarie Freeman

      We can’t wait for the cheese to return to Trader Joe’s. I found a 1000 day Gouda on line and purchased a bunch. It was good, but not as good as the product from Trader Joe’s and it costs 3 times as much.

  4. Trader Joe’s at Gateway Plaza, Wayne PA is selling 1000 day Gouda. Just bought some. Best cheese I have had in a long time.

    • It’s back at Trader Joe’s in Pasadena, too! One bite and you’re hooked…it’s soooooooo ridiculously GOOD!

  5. Dear cheese whore,
    I am nearly certain that the trader joes 1000 day Gouda is old Amsterdam. Try the 26
    Month variety and experience a real man. In all seriousness I do not think it is more that 6 months. The older goudas hav much more flavor and are much tastier.


    • Nate,
      Interesting…but…been around a bit, ya know, and speaking from ingesting a series of “antiqued” Goudas, I gotta peg the Trader Joe’s as just waaaaaay more addictive…
      But to each his cheese!

  6. Simply the BEST cheese EVER!!!! I stock up every Friday…1000 day Gouda and vino;)

  7. Oddly enough, I came to the interweb to see how others felt about this cheese, and though I have found it at my local Harris teeter, I too first discovered it at trader joes. This is the best cheese I have ever had. The flavor is and texture is somewhere veteran a cross of aged cheddar and parmigiana regiano. I am glad others have discovered this wonderful cheese and appreciate it as much as I do.

  8. the first time i tried aged gouda (pradera) i said pretty much the same thing. my cheese future had had its event horizon and would NEVER be the same. What a style of cheese! the protein crunch crystals. the rich velvety near chocolate texture and the way it breaks of in semi dry shards. Just amazing! Just saw it today at trader joes and grabbed one without second thought,

  9. Message in a Bottle Hunter

    Just had this gouda for the first time and it is amazing!

  10. Another similar cheese is Beemster XO 26 month aged Gouda. Excellent as well.

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