Tell Katy Anderson You Want CHEESE!

Got a Lot18 email featuring all sorts of yummies to tempt the budget and nearly fainted with immediate pangs of jealousy after reading Katy Anderson’s ridiculously incredible bio, ergo:

Katy Andersen studied cheese in Italy as a Fulbright Scholar before joining Lot18 as the Gourmet Food Specialist. Katy grew up on an organic farm, surrounded by a garden, an heirloom apple orchard and heritage livestock. While at Princeton University, she founded the Greening Princeton Farmers’ Market and the Princeton Slow Food chapter. Most recently, Katy was Co-President of the Wine & Cuisine Society at the Harvard Business School. She was also a member of the winning finalist team of the Bordeaux blind-tasting competition at Lafite in 2011. Tell Katy on Twitter what gourmet products you’d like to see on Lot18.

Like most cheese addicts out there, this trigger swung me deep into instant self-loathing, ie, the old, what-a-stupid-cool-life-she’s-had-but-I’ll-never-have-that-I’m-not-good-enough-why-don’t-I-have-any-Gouda-in-the-house? line of faulty logic that slips in far too easily during moments of emotional frailty.

Attempted draft of my own bio:

Before writing THE book on cheese addiction, Cynthia Kulikov ate a lot of cheese. Her childhood was spent stealing shiny packs of Laughing Cow, advancing quickly to Babybels. Strong fingers, stealth and a fierce cheese addiction parlayed into fast typing, cunning, and the iron stomach necessary to her slippery career. Today, she blogs overlooking the Pasadena freeway and bookmarks cheese porn while hunting for…

NAAAHHHHH!!! Blast it! So dreary. Need something sexier instead, like being the Founder of the Society for Rational Cheese Eaters, aka, So-RaCE (as in “so racy” – get it?)…of which I am, admittedly, the only member at the moment. I know it’s only me but soon it will be we and then we will grow…

Just as soon as I tweak my bio with a ton of fantasy-driven embellishments worthy of founding such a society. Future members, lemme know you’re out there…post YOUR awesome cheese or cheese-free bio here.

And tell Katy Andersen YOU WANT MORE CHEESE! (oh and…ok, ok…she’s invited, too…)

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  1. Cynthia-

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