CAUTION! Marja’s Mac-and-Cheese recipe, only if you’re ready…

Ok kids, if you are ready to transition, no twisting arms, no fake out, no forcing…I invite you to try the ULTIMATE recipe for mac-n-cheese. Cuz you know it’s the one that gets ya…deep…really deep down. If you don’t do it right (no more box Kraft!!), you can do some serious damage.

Thankfully we have none other than Jean-George Vongerichten’s wife, Marja Vongerichten, and her famed recipe from the worthy Food & Wine magazine (I know, I know…you read it for the interviews…) for an incredible four-cheese recipe with a secret tilt. Enjoy! And share!!!

This freezes well so you don’t have to be ashamed of making the whole recipe…just save a little for the coming Armageddon already…or the folks camped out at Occupy LA or Occupy Wall Street…trust me, they could use a little home-made four-cheese mac…come to think of it, so could a lot of folks. New platform, anyone?

Oh and…gotta a better one? Mac-n-cheese recipe, that is… Cuz if you think you do, I wanna know!!! No I’m not dissin’ you, I just wanna know. Cuz, I wanna. Cuz. OK. So lemme know already. Maybe I’ll just try it and post it and invite you over or something. Maybe. Like I said, maybe…

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