Saveur 2011 Best Food Blog Award Winners: not me!

I’ve been cheated! Not like there’s a lot of competition out there or anything, just a few 45,000 frickin’ bum bloggers putting things in their mouth. But not even a mention, sheesh…

Is it because I’m not giving you the dirt you crave, like these raunchy little photos from an underground “cave” in France of Bleu de Gex. Ok, fine…congratulations, David, and all that…just because you deserve it and all doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more…right?!


So, fueled by a jealousy only known to fellow bloggers who may also be fellow cheese addicts, I, hereby resolve, to one day also rise to a level of recognition deserving the adoration and praise of my peers…and one sweet Saveur food blog award.

In the meantime, I’m just gonna curl up in a little ball here like a swaddle of cheese in a ripening cave and think about melting that Bleu de Gex in a skillet and slipping it over some boiled potatoes, just like he says. Sweet dreams.

PS: Congrats, truly, David Lebovitz. I’m in awe…

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