National Cheese Day!

Damn! I missed it! National Cheese Day was January 20, 2011. (Okay, so I didn’t have it on my calendar because I hadn’t BOUGHT a calendar yet, okay hot-shot?) Shows what happens when things of national importance are not given the holiday they deserve.

I’m not above lobbying for this. Can’t you see it? “Senator, I’ve got a little something for you here…er…well, yes, it’s a wedge of Raclette…yes ma’am, but it’s not Swiss…well, the French make it, too, but that’s the thing: this here’s from our very own U-S-of-A…but it’s not a gift! It’s a SNACK!”

Tell me you wouldn’t vote for a day off to eat cheese…and nobody had to die! It would be the perfect unifying holiday for this country.

Wait, was it National Cheese Day? or National Cheese LOVERS Day? Ah, a time for self-celebration and recognition by all…

Which would you rather see made a holiday? VOTE!

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