Mozzarella Invasion Hits Los Angeles!

After a brief summer hiatus, cheese-heads…I’m baaaackkkk!!!…and so is Mozzarella. Big time. Gangster big. Italian “how-ya’-doin?” big. Entertainment lawyer mecca BIG.

Can YOU name another cheese with its own bar? Exactly…

Joining the international ranks of Tokyo, New York, London and Rome (of course…),  Obika Mozzarella bar has opened in quaint little Century City with three-times-a-week deliveries of stracciatella di burata straight from Italy, ensuring attorneys everywhere with an alternative white addiction.

2 responses to “Mozzarella Invasion Hits Los Angeles!

  1. A friend of mine went to the opening. I saw pics. mouth was drooling…

  2. Pix! Pix! We want pix!!!

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