cheese-head couture

So local designer, Alexandra Cassaniti, has a new collection ALL made of cheesecloth.

Yup, you heard me. Cheesecloth. Like what you make cheese with at home. DIY, baby.

It’s scary times, people. While on the one hand, I find this act of defiance refreshing, mirroring Madame Chanel’s revolutionary choice of black jersey for her couture (at the time reserved only for men’s underwear); on the other hand, it smacks of simple cheese-head projection and over-identification.

Needless to say, caution is advised if considering these garments. Remember, YOU are NOT your cheese. Repeat after me:

“I am not my cheese. I am whole and separate.
I LIKE the cheese. I am not cheese.”

If that doesn’t work, go back and repeat the affirmations in chapter 18:

  • “I am not angry with my mother.”
  • “I am at peace with cheese in the world.”
  • “Gouda is not the enemy.”

One response to “cheese-head couture

  1. Even in these economic times people want to look fashionable and stay cool. Cardboard is really difficult to look great and stay comfortable in 100 + degree Los Angeles.

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