Italy’s got blue balls

So I’ve been busy watching the World Cup. Shoot me.

Looks like soccer and machismo aren’t the only balls Italy’s gotta watch out for. Police have seized 70,000 cheese balls in Turin alone. Apparently aliens have landed and are contaminating their precious (yes, pun intended…) Mozarella so that it turns BLUE after opening.

Ha! Like that’s gonna stop me…

Note the cheese balls were produced in Germany, not Italy. Elaborate prank? Secret undercover Fascist agenda?

That’s what you get for outsourcing your culture…

We’ll see what else runs afoul Sunday morning: FIFA – England vs. Germany. Wonder  if their balls are gonna turn, too…

5 responses to “Italy’s got blue balls

  1. Defending Champion Italy eliminated from the world cup!!!!
    No love for Losers!!!

    A SERIOUS case of NATIONAL blue balls.

    (haha!) Go USA!

  2. Obviously, the cheese was a sign…

  3. I am eating fresh mozzarella balls while reading your mozzarella ball story. Must be food fate, or the fact that I’m an Italian cheese whore. Anyway, cheese whores of the world unite!

  4. Cheese isn’t the only thing glowing blue. Turns out meat will glow in the dark “enough to read a watch by.”
    I think they should stick to cheese…

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