It’s coming, it’s coming! The Cheese Society of America – notice “society” (these are cultured people, really cultured…) – is hosting the Cheese-a-topia conference August 25-26, this time in Seattle, WA.

“Welcome to our perfect world of cheese!”

A bit on the cult side, but then again, how can you not love it? Just a small gap between “cult” and “culture.”

“…there are nearly 100 artisan cheesemakers creating exciting varieties of every style of cheese.” Who knew?

Cheese addicts, unite! No longer are we bound by the ball and chain of boring melty waxy cheese. There are worlds of cheese we have yet to imagine…if only we will allow ourselves the freedom to release what we have known and take that baby step forward into the unknown.

I exhale my past and inhale my future cheese…ah, a perfect world!

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