I’m not sure if this heralds the end of the world or the beginning of the end or we’ve only just begun…

Tillamook, winners of the coveted first prize for the “Best Medium Cheddar in the World” at the 2010 World Cheese Championship Cheese Contest, have announced their exclusive cheese sponsorship with this year’s Grilled Cheese Invitational.

No more slippery Kraft singles like last year, eh? Instead we get The Love Loaf Tour which promises to “spread the loaf love” via three mini-buses outfitted to resemble Baby Loafs of Tillamook Cheddar. Just an FYI, lest  you think you’ve started hallucinating already after that second sammie.

They’ll also be pushing – I mean, passing out – samples and coupons.

And in one afternoon, thousands will be hooked…


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