Satanic Cheese: The Devil in Laughing Cow

You know how they say eating too much cheese makes you paranoid? Well this is for all the folks who think, being a cheese addict and all, that’s it’s just in my head.

So I’m walking along, minding my own grocery cart, and then – pow! Just like that, I see it. Laughing Cow is Satan!

Just look! That evil red face with the horns, smirking, mocking, in that really weak pirate disguise with the hoops earrings and the fake nose.

The Devil in Laughing Cow Cheese

“Come over here and take a bite. It’s only cheese. Don’t worry about your soul or anything, just come on over and peel off that shiny silver wrap and take a bite…that’s it…come on over…”

I’m telling you. Laughing Cow. Satan. The Devil. I’m just saying…

One response to “Satanic Cheese: The Devil in Laughing Cow

  1. Absolutely spot on! Had creepy dream that Laughing Cow cheese products were all they had at a women’s dorm prison I was in… only food was Laughing Cow with that satanic face. I woke up freaked out and disconcerted! Lol

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