the perfect croissant

Four bites in I am moaning out loud. Gruyere and prosciutto croissant, courtesy Huckleberry Cafe. The perfect crunch followed by melted cheese crisped at the edges where it sizzled out from the flaky pastry and salty-sweet, tissue-thin prosciutto.


Clear proof that many cheeses are enhanced by other foods and need not be taken alone. Noteworthy for any who heretofore have wrestled with the urge to myopically seize upon the cheese without any consideration to other menu items.

Huckleberry Cafe 1014 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica CA 90404 310-451-2311

One response to “the perfect croissant

  1. I wanna hear you people, so play nice.
    I know many are still in the throws of a Category 6 Cheese Addiction (see helpful quiz in Chapter Two: Are You A Cheese Addict?) and may start shaking at the mere mention of Gruyere.
    This blog is in no way meant to replace the steps outlined in the book, but remains a helpful companion to those who have transitioned to aficionado.

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